Welcome to Camping for Fun

Once upon a time in our early years, camping we would go. Camping then was quite rough,  as the luxuries that are available now for camping were not then. Mostly we would go fishing in the local,  and not so local dams in our Country. It was Fun. Fishing for our breakfast and then either scout the area or play games. Some would have a pre-lunchtime nap and then spend the rest of the day fishing and telling tall stories. Sundown and we would watch the glorious sun setting over a few glasses of wine or beer, before settling down to supper, a stew, which had been cooking on the fire.

Whether the  Weather (!)was good or bad wasn’t an issue then. (Young at heart).

Today camping is an away from home experience with all the comforts available.

That brought us to have a website where we could share camping essentials and safety equipment with you.

This website is not about us but about your camping and caravanning needs. So Welcome to camping for fun.

You may ask “why the website when you could easily browse the web?”

Well, isn’t fun to browse the website and actually see what you would need for your outdoor trip in one place.

We would like any comments you might have so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Regards Elaine and John Young.